Paper Mache Ideas
Finding Inspiration

One of the things I really love about paper mache ideas is that they can spring up at any time.

A simple walk in the park often has Annemarie pulling out the camera and snapping interesting shapes, colours and textures for future use in the studio - yeah okay, that's just a fancy word for the kitchen table or living room floor. But it sounds good :-) 

Paper Mache Ideas from Nature

Paper Mache Inspiration
I get a lot of my inspiration from my obsessions passions and hobbies.

This is where Annemarie often has to tell me to pull my horns in because we don't have the space.

I love being in the ocean but it's not enough for me to create pretty fish mobiles or decorate a paper mache vase with seahorses.

Oh no, I have visions of a life-size great white shark hanging from the bathroom ceiling, or a surfer crashing down a six foot wave bursting through the living room wall.

I did actually start the surfer once then realised I wouldn't be able to get him out of the door. 

I did finish the surfboard though. It's now a notice board for my little yellow Post-It notes which used to be stuck all over the house.

I love creating things just because I enjoy the process and because I like to have them in my home. But what about practical paper mache ideas?

Well, one thing that springs to mind is gifts. You can often make something really beautiful out of materials you have lying around your house.

Paper Mache Surfboard

It costs very little to create, but the time you invest in making something just for that special person is worth a lot more than money.

I once made a gift for my scuba diving instructor. He had raved about how wonderful the diving was at that time of year but, the week I did my course, it turned out to be freezing with very poor visibility. 

I loved it though, and I made him a fun 'trophy' as a thank you gift.

It was a pulp shark (there's that obsession of mine again) with the feet of a diver sticking out of it's mouth. I painted it gold and mounted it on a plinth with the inscription "The Golden Shark Award for Sh*t Visibility." He absolutely loved it.

Keeping track of ideas and inspiration

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