Paper Mache Fort and Palace

Making this paper mache fort and palace will keep the kids busy for a while. They will need adult supervision though.

Paper Mache Fort and Palace

You'll need four toilet roll middles for each of the projects. You'll also need enough card to make up the sides and bottom of both the palace and the fort.

If you have them, it will be much easier to use boxes that are already made up.

For all of the kid's projects I recommend a flour and water paste. I simply mixed flour and cold water with a little salt to the consistency of pouring cream. The salt acts as a preservative.

The First Step

If you're making up the boxes yourself, cut the sides out and tape them together to form a square.

Marking the towers

If you already have the boxes, your first step will be marking the towers.

Place the toilet roll middles on the corners of the box in the position you want them to stand.

Use a marker or a pencil to mark where you will need to cut to get the tower to stand on the fort.

Attaching the Towers

Once you've marked the place it's time to make the cut.

Please leave this job for an adult or an older brother or sister.

Cut a strip as far up the tower as you need to go to allow it to slot over the corner.

For the palace you can leave the card strips in place and tape them down to add extra strength.

Cutting the towers
Adding the towers

For the fort, you will be cutting out the battlements so it's best to just cut the strips of completely.

Use masking tape to secure the towers to the and then mark out the battlements for the paper mache fort.

This can be a bit fiddly but it's worth it. I will make the fort look really good when it's finished.

Adding the Bases

If you're not using a ready made box you will need to add the bases.Just place the fort and the palace on a sheet of card and cut out your bases. Tape them in place with masking tape.

You can also cut out small card circles to slot into the top of the fort's towers.

Making the Palace Turret Roof

To make the roof for the palace turrets you will need to cut out a couple of paper circles.

I used a small basin to draw round for mine.

Cut two circles then cut each one in half. Fold them round into a cone shape and tape them together with masking tape.

At first I was going to have the little roofs overhanging the turrets but I didn't think they looked right at all.

Cutting the roof
Placing the roof tops

It also left me with the problem of how to attach them. To solve this problem, I placed the roof on the turret and centred it and then just ran my finger round the edge of the turret to mark the edge.

Take a pair of scissors and just snip up to the like in a few places around the edge.

Place the roof back on the turret, fold the newly cut tabs down and tape it in place.

You're now ready to add the paper mache strips.

Paper mache'd fort and palace

Adding the Paper Mache Strips

Because It's quite fiddly in places, especially around the battlements, it's best to use fairly small strips.

I only added two layers of strips to each project and then allowed it to dry. Because the card was fairly stiff I found that this was strong enough.

Decorating Your paper Mache Fort and Palace

Here's where you can have lots of fun. These projects can be decorated anyway you like.

My niece was in charge of the decorating for these two. I recommend poster paints for children.

So, there you have it. A paper mache fort and palace to keep the kids busy for a while. I hope you enjoy making them.

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