Creative Paper Mache
The Art Of Recycling

Creative Paper Mache is all about using your junk to make beautiful art. Everyday we throw away things that we could turn into art.

Lovely objects to decorate our homes, unique gifts for friends and family, or even practical things to recycle our junk into useful items again.

Paper is a wonderful medium to create with. It's versatile, easy to work with and extremely strong when bonded together with the right pastes.

You will be amazed what you can make. Even huge objects will be strong, durable and, best of all, light enough to move around your home with ease.

Paper Mache ArtworkArtwork In The Lounge

In the photo above you can see some of our artwork in Annemarie's lounge. The rain stick and the mask on the wall, the pebble bowl on the coffee table, the large round vase standing on the floor and the mother and child sculpture are all made of PM.

The large brown box at the side of the sofa is also one of Annemarie's works. She uses it as a coffee table and as storage for bits and pieces.

You can also see some of our paintings on the walls.

Why Paper Mache?

Mainly because it's so versatile. 

Ever since I was a kid I loved making things from everyday objects. My mom came home from town one day to find a life-size horse's head hanging over the stable-style kitchen door.

I had made him from old chicken mesh and pairs of laddered tights. Well, I think they were laddered when I started, they certainly were when I'd finished stretching them over the chicken wire.

When I discovered paper mache there was no end to the things I could create. I made everything from a mountain for a school geography project to a full size baby doll.

On this site I want to share with you my love for making wonderful things from everyday objects, with the emphasis on paper mache.

There is no right or wrong way to do it. There isn't even a right or wrong way to spell it. Some people say papier mache others say paper mache. However you spell it and however you use it I hope you have fun and enjoy your art.

On the site you'll find recipes for glues and pastes, tips and techniques, ideas for gifts and projects to follow step by step. Remember, there's no right or wrong way to create, so everything on the site is a guideline.

You can follow the projects exactly or experiment and try out your own ideas. Maybe you will come up with something I have never thought of. If you do, I'd love you to share your discoveries by using the contact us page to get in touch.

I hope you find an outlet for your talent somewhere on these pages. And, most of all, I hope you have fun exploring a fantastic way to create new and unique treasures out of everyday trash.

Enjoy the site.


Hi there, If you followed a link to our site and it doesn't work, rest assured it will be up and running again soon.

We took the site offline for a while, but we are working hard to get all the old content back up.

As soon as we have done that we'll be adding some exciting new stuff!

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